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Amersfoort Dierenpark (Zoo)

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Our zoo had a new attraction that was a lot of fun to walk through. We walked through a rather large forest and there were life-sized dinosaures everywhere. Only one of the dinos was animated but as you walked through you could hear animals growling, roaring and scratching through the undergrowth becuase of speakers they had positioned around. I tried to get a few pics including people so you could see the size of the dinos. At any moment I expected to see one jump out at me but my heart was spared that shock. LOL

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Dinosaurs in Amersfoort
Dino 1

Dino 2

Dino 3

Dino 4

Dino 5

Dino 6

Dino 19

Dino 22

Dino 7

Dino 8

Dino 9

Dino 10

Dino 11

Dino 12

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Dino 23

Dino 13

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Dino 24


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