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About Madurodam

Madurodam was opened in July, 1952 and was named after George Maduro. He was a reserve cavalry lieutenant in the Second World War and died a POW in 1945. It was built as a commemoration to him by his mother together with Mrs. Boon-Van der Starp, a member of the Society for the Suport of the Dutch Student Sanatorium. The "Madurodam Support Fund Foundation" still supports charities, benefits going to young people.

Houses at Madurodam
Dutch Market

Interesting facts. Everything in Madurodam is constructed on the premises. Even the plants are grown and trimmed to scale. Some buildings have taken over four years to build and must be constantly maintained because of weathering and age. Every effort is made to keep the buildings up to date even undergoing remodelling when the actual building or monument is repaired or remodelled. Care is also taken to the clothes worn by the more than 13,000 model people so that they change with current fashions. This is quite an undertaking since some of the attractions included are over 50,000 lights, 2,000 + cars and trucks, 4,000 meters of railways and tramways, over 1,100 scale models, almost 5,000 miniture trees - and much more.

Madurodam also has an exhibit hall where various attractions are changed throughout the year. When we visited in 2000, there was an exhibit of miniature buildings from Israel. Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures but the mosques, wailing wall, and other buildings were breathtaking. We visited again with our friends that were visiting from California, there was a Chinese Ice Exhibit. On the last page of our Madurodam section we have some photos of the ice exibit to share with you.


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