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Utrecht by Boat

page Two

Houses on Catharijne-singel

Starting out on our Utrecht cruise we see the houses on the Catharijne-singel from the right of the boat.

Duck EscortsThese two ducks probably would have been great guides of the sites along the canal if we could have understood their language.

Straight ahead is the Vaartsche Rijnbrug ("brug" meaning "bridge") and this is where we made our first turn. To the left is the Tolsteegbrug, the first bridge we crossed under. The name of the canal that we are on is "Stadbuitengracht".

Vaartsche Rijnbrug
First Bridge

Here we're about to go under the bridge and now I know what the ducks were saying. They were warning us to stay low like them or we wouldn't have fit under the bridge. Ron and Brigid have a bike that they couldn't dare store on top of the boat or it would have hit the underpasses of some of the bridges.

Under the Bridge

Now we're under the first bridge. Are you enjoying your tour so far?

Remember, the map shows where we are.

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