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Amersfoort, Holland
Plantsoen Oost (East Park)

Crocus in the Spring

We live next to one of the most photographed places in Holland. The pictures in the slide show at the bottom show the park in the early Spring with the crocus in full bloom. What a thrill to be able to view part of this lovely park from our windows, rather than the backs of other buildings.

The old section of Amersfoort, where we live, was built in an egg shape and in the early days was surrounded by a wall, part of which can still be seen in the area. The park now surrounds much of the inner city and is well maintained so it is a lovely place to just take a walk any time of year.

Below is a slide show of pictures of the park in Spring.
Use the Back and Next buttons to navigate through the photos. (8 photos)
Incidentally, my Paint Shop Pro students will recognize what followed me to the park in the last photo.



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