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Water Gate

"Most people long to visit works of art - the people of Holland have the opportunity to live in one."

That is a quote from KLM Airlines and Amersfoort, the City where we live, is no exception. From the Waterpoort Monnikendam (Water Gate) above to the town gates, museum, canals, and shopping area, we are lucky indeed to be surrounded by such beauty.

On these next pages we will show you some of our town, much of it as seen through the eyes of a newcomer from the United States. The section of the site - Amersfoort - starts with our first meeting at the airport in January, 2000, and will continue to grow as more discoveries are made.

Here is a brief history of Amersfoort quoted from a booklet, "Amersfoort....Best Experienced on Foot":

"The old city developed at the confluence of the Lunterse, the Barneveldse and other smaller streams from the Veluwe, together forming the river Eem (Amer). There was a ford here (where the water could be crossed) and an attractive combination of shipping route and crossing place was the result. Located in the centre of the country, Amersfoort was a geographically attractive location on the way to the North and East of the country, and functioned as an important settlement for trading purposes.

In 1259 Amersfoort was granted its municipal charter, giving it the right to be a city as opposed to a town. Construction of the town wall was then started, the purpose being to defend the city against hostilities. Amersfoort was such a prosperous city that a century later an entirely new town wall with gates was built. The old town centre of Amersfoort has remained intact to such an extent that it was a logical step to take when it was declared a protected townscape. The layout of the streets and canals today has remained virtually unchanged since the middle ages. The similarity is striking, if you compare a map of the city today with one of the Middle Ages. In addition to a number of historically important gates such as de Koppelpoort, de Kamperbinnenpoort and Monnikendam, Amersfoort has about 350 monuments. The unique Muurhuizen (Wall houses) were built on the foundations of the old town walls."

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