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Monkey Park in Apeldoorn, Holland

Spider Monkey

Apenheul is a wonderful primate park that animal lovers won't want to miss. Many of the monkeys encountered are allowed to roam free, however the only ones that really come up to people are the Squirrel Monkeys (called "Doodshoofdaapjes" in Dutch meaning "Skull Apes" or literally translated - Dead Head Apes).

These little guys are quite a sight to see. At the time of my visit with my Brother-in-Law, Jeroen, there were 116 of them. Many of the females had babies clinging to their backs. They don't hound you or hoard around you but rather just come up in a curious way. Sit or stand still and they may check your pockets, use you for a springboard to get to another location, or sit quietly just looking around.

Spider Monkey

If you are lucky enough to get a chance to hold one you will find that their little hands are as soft as velvet and they feel as if they weigh nothing at all. They are lovely creatures as you will see in the slide show at the bottom of the page.

A few interesting facts about the monkeys and the park.

  • At the entrance to Apenheul you are given a canvas bag to put your belongings in. The bag has a zipper with a lock because these little monkeys are smart and can get into anything. If you have a camera with you, it's suggested that you take it out of the bag before encountering the monkeys because they may grab something else quickly while you are removing your camera to take their picture. You are not permitted to feed them and will be asked to remove any shiny jewelry that they may be able to grab and run off with.
  • The Squirrel Monkeys have a Matriarchal society. There are only 2 adult males in the troupe. Any other males are babies or juveniles. The breeding age of the male is 3 years old and at that time most of the males, including the 2 from the previous breeding season, are sent to other zoos worldwide so that there is no inbreeding with daughters from the previous seasons. This also prevents death and injury from males fighting for the right to breed.
  • Many other types of primates are also allowed to run free but they generally stay within their own section either by means of metal bridges which they will not pass over or by the mere fact that primates are group oriented and will stay where they are cared for and fed. Naturally larger or dangerous primates are separated from the public by islands and barriers.

Apenheul also offers several restaurants and many seating areas along the trail where you can sit and relax and enjoySpider Monkey the antics of the inhabitants of this huge and fascinating animal refuge.

I hope you will enjoy viewing the pictures below as much as I enjoyed taking them. Many more photos are on the website of Apenheul. The link to it is provided at the bottom of the page.

Slide show of pictures from Apenhuel.
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Visit the website of Apenheul. It has no English version but the photos are great. I'm sure you will enjoy looking around the site. The link will open in a new browser window.

Click the link to visit the website of Apenheul.    http://www.apenheul.nl

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