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Our Kitty - Buffie

When Buffie was a Baby

Buffie as a Baby

We had been looking for a kitty for quite a while and after many fruitless phone calls, we finally found Buffie. She was the first born of a litter of three and was born breach so she was lucky to survive. Especially since her Mom is a young (and small) cat herself and this was her first litter.

I was immdiately struck by her little white toes and the white rim around her ears. She also seemed to be a little stronger and a little bigger than her litter mates. All three were precious, but the toes did the trick. She is the only one who has the white markings like her Mom.

The two photos below were taken when we first went to see her. She was only a week and a half old then. (Sorry the photos are blurry.)

   Buffie as a Baby

We had to wait until she was 8 weeks old to brind her home but went there a few times to see her again to make sure she was still healthy. You can tell from this next photo taken only a week later that we didn't have a worry. She's was getting big and strong and walking. When she was first put on the floor it was slippery and her little feet splayed out like a duck and in all angles when she tried to get her balance. But the photo shows that she can walk much better outside on the concrete.


Homecoming - June 14, 2002

June 14, 2002 - first day home. Buffie spend the evening cradled in Dad's arm. She's a very sociable kitty and always wants to be around someone. She's not eating much yet, but that will come. She sure is a sweetie.

What big eyes
Buffie Bright Eyes
First Day Home


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