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the Netherlands (Holland)

The Nethlerands is known in much of the world as Holland. However, the country is actually split into two sections, North Holland and South Holland. Together they make up the country of the Netherlands.

On these pages you can take a tour with us of many of the places of interest in Holland. Below the map you can see locations that are, or will be, included here. Use the link on the name of the city or location to get there, or use the menu at the top each page. We hope you enjoy your tour through this fascinating country.

Map of Holland

Amersfoort Go There

  • Amersfoort is the city in which we live and it is located about in the center of the country making travel to everywhere else convenient. It was originally a fort, hense the name, and had historical importance as a trade center. Here you can experience some of the charm and architecture from several hundred years ago. There are even parts of the old wall remaining which surrounded the entire city in the 13th century.

Kenkenhof Go There

  • This is the famous flower gardens. It's open only twice a year for a few weeks but is well worth the trip to see more flowers and garden arrangements than you could imagine in a lifetime. We have quite a lot of flower photos on this section for you to enjoy.

Madurodam Go There

  • This attraction is the Netherlands in a nutshell. It is a miniature city with 1 10th scale buildings, ships, autos, planes and trains. This isn't a bad place to plan to go first if you visit Holland because you cam plan some of your signtseeing trips according to what you would like to see close-up. They also always have an additional attraction beneath one of the restaurants which changes from time to time. When we were there, an ice sculpture attraction from China was going on and some of the photos of that are included in this section.

Utrecht Go There

  • Utrecht. A wonderful city for shopping as well as relaxing. A canal runs around the city on which you can take a tour and stop at one of the waterfront restaurants or pubs.

    Utrecht is one of my favorite places to go and don't be surprised if you see much more from there added to the site occasionally. It's a lovely old town - 15 minutes from Amersfoort by train - with shopping galore, museums, rich history, a lovely canal, more than you could possibly see in a day. I had the good fortune to take a tour on a personal boat around Utrecht by canal, eat at one of the many restaurants on the canal level and get some great photos! Sites from that day are here. I'm sure you'll enjoy joining me there.

The places below are yet to come.

Kasteel De Haar (To come)

  • One of the most beautiful places to visit. Originally built in the 1300's and completely rebuilt and restored in the late 1800's. The castle is still used today by the family and houses some of the most beautiful paintings and relics of this country.

Muiderslot (To come)

  • Muiderslot is a castle that was built in the 13th century and is maintained now as an attraction. Rather than being modernized, many of the rooms are furnished just as they would have been in the early days. After a couple of hours of climbing the narrow rock and concrete steps in the towers you'll welcome a chance to relax with a cup of coffee on the open square.

Amsterdam (To come)

  • The Capital city of Holland full of museums, eating and drinking establishments, shopping and loads to see and do. People abound in Amsterdam fromm all over the world.


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