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Keukenhof Garden Park
and Surrounding Areas

Keukenhof Garden Park covers 32 hectares (about 80 acres) and is only open each year from around the end of March until mid-May. Unbelievable numbers of tulips and other flowers are displayed while they are in their peak blooming season. The first time I visited Keukenhof was shortly after I arrived in Holland. It was breathtaking to see all of the many types of tulips that are grown here as well as the fantastic garden designs, pavillions and surrounding area.

This section contains commentary and photos from our first trip to Keukenhof showing sites along the way as well as ones in the garden park and growing fields.

If you would like to skip directly to the photo galleries showing flowers and scenes in the park. New in 2007: A trip to Keukenhof in 2007 resulted in more photos. The link below will take you to all galleries.

On The Road To Keukenhof


No trip of mine would be complete without at least one photo of a castle. This is Nijenrode Castle which has become a business college.

It was built as a castle (or estate) in the 12th century but now is a part of the University of Nijenrode in Breukelen. Classes are still taught in the old armoury which is located in the top of the castle.

Incidentally, it is the city of "Breukelen" that the name "Broklyn" in New York has been taken from and is pronounced very silimarly.

Nijenrode Castle

On the way, we got caught on a narrow (one lane) road while a truck up ahead was delivering some building materials to a nearby farm house, but i didn't miss out on another photo opportunity. The picture above shows how many of the houses in the outlying areas of Holland have waterways running in front of and through their properties. Much of Holland is build on water or swamp, so there is naturally an abundance of the stuff. Maybe we wouldn't have all of the gorgeous flowers otherwise, though.

Canal through farmland

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