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Keukenhof Garden Park
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The photo below is a scene that at first surprised me. Many of us who came from the US didn't feel the impact of WW!! the way the people in Europe did since it wasn't in our front (and back) yards. This is a photo of a bunker - one of many - that the Germans erected when they occupied Holland. I was told that it's probably still there because it would have cost more than it was worth to dismantle it. Seeing bunkers such as this one had a sobering effect on me when I look around and see this gorgeous countryside with flowers and the wonderful people who live here and then imagine the life they had during the occupation and bombings.

Bunker in Holland

May 5th is Holland's Liberation Day and all over the country they celebrate the end of this devastating war.

I have seen more bunkers and areas of beautiful towns with it's gorgeous architecture that had been bombed and destroyed. Where I live in Amersfoort there was a little bombing but, fortunately, the lovely areas that I now call home wasn't badly hit.

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