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Keukenhof Garden Park
and Surrounding Areas

Near the Park

Near Keukenhof we passed the home of the Flower auction. This is a huge building where most of the world's flowers are traded daily. There were dozens of florist and transport trucks arriving and leaving the auction as they are shipped immediately. So chances are, the floweres you buy today (not just tulips) were traded right here in Holland yesterday.

The last stop we made was for lunch near the Gardens. The flowers below were in the restaurant garden. I couldn't wait to get to Keukenhof to start taking pictures of flowers! So I had to start right here.

White   Red

And this was lunch! Apple pie, ice cream, a heavenly sauce and a pastry with whipped cream! It looked so pretty that I hated to mess it up. Yep, I resisted that urge and it was as delicious as it looked.


And now we're at Keukenhof. The photo here was taken inside one of the flower pavilions. More flowers are shown in the "Flowers" section on the next page.

Enjoy your trip there!

De Stoep

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