Best answer: Is Amsterdam open over Christmas?

Is Amsterdam closed on Christmas Day?

Most shops, attractions and museums are closed on Christmas Day (25 Dec.) and on New Year’s Day (1 Jan.). On other Christmas vacation days they are open during regular opening hours (which can be found on the individual websites).

Is Amsterdam good to visit at Christmas?

Christmas Day is celebrated with good food and family fun; and in between the city sparkles with bright lights, fun markets, great parties, snowy scenery and festive good cheer! The holiday season is a wonderful time to be in Amsterdam, so get out and enjoy the fun.

Is December a good time to visit Amsterdam?

There is NO bad time to visit Amsterdam. The prices in December for airfare and lodgings will be far less than Summer, and less crowds. In December there will be the beauty of Holiday decorations and lights everywhere and it’s a great place to do Holiday Shopping for gifts.

Do trams run on Christmas Day in Amsterdam?

Re: Amsterdam on christmas day??? Yes, trams and all other public transport will run on 25th and 26th.

Are coffee shops open on Christmas Day in Amsterdam?

Re: Coffee shops open on Christmas ? Yes, most coffeeshops, bars restaurants will be open. Shops will be closed on 25th and some on 26th.

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Does it snow in Amsterdam at Christmas?

December weather in Amsterdam: usually cold; usually no snow.

Is it cold in Amsterdam in December?

HOW COLD IS AMSTERDAM IN DECEMBER? December in Amsterdam is cold, cloudy, and often foggy but will have several nice days to explore this city. Daytime high temperatures tend to average 7-8 C (in the mid-40s F) early in the month falling to 5-6 C (the low 40s F) near the end of the month.

What goes on in the Red Light District Amsterdam?

The Amsterdam Red Light District is not only about prostitution and coffee shops. You can find a great variety of sex shops, peep shows, strip clubs, sex theaters and typical Dutch brown cafes. … The RLD is also home to many gay bars and cinemas which can be found on the very busy Warmoesstraat.

Is Amsterdam fun in the winter?

With cosy pubs, fairy-tale architecture and plenty of events and activities to enjoy, Amsterdam glows with festive cheer during the winter months. So wrap up warm and join the fun!