Do you have to pay gratuities on Holland America?

Are gratuities included on Holland America cruises?

One extra-charge item that isn’t included in Holland America’s new Have It All fares is gratuities for staff. … Holland America adds a “daily service charge” of $14.50 per person, per day to passenger bills for most rooms. Passengers staying in suites pay a $16 per person, per day service charge.

Can you opt out of gratuities on Holland America?

Consumers can always adjust their gratuities up or down as they wish.” Asked specificaly if the full amount goes to the crew, he replied, “Yes, of course it goes to the crew. It’s an important part of their compensation.” You can choose to prepay the whole amount or wait until the end of the cruise.

Does Holland America include tips?

Holland America Line, like most mainstream cruise lines, now automatically charges daily tips to the accounts of each passenger on a cruise. The tips don't stop there; other considerations include tips for tour guides, room service waiters and spa or salon treatments.

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Can you opt out of cruise gratuities?

Q: Can you refuse to pay gratuities added to your bill? Yes, though cruise lines highly discourage it and will work with guests if they are not satisfied with the service on their voyage to adjust the fee to lesser gratuities if necessary.

What happens if you don’t tip on a cruise?

When you forego tipping on your cruise, you aren’t hurting the corporation. You’re just lowering the pool of funds that hard-working service employees share at the end of the journey. Automatically added gratuities take the confusion out of tipping on your cruise.

How much is a Coke on Holland America?

There may be a price limit on the drinks that are included. If one guest buys the package all others in the stateroom may have to.

Soda Package Cost Per Day
Holland America $8.00
P&O Cruises Not Available
Marella Cruises Fountain Soda Included
Cunard Cruises $10.00

What do cruise ships do with unsold cabins?

What do cruises do with unsold cabins? They sell them at a discount. Cruise lines strive to fill ships completely, so if any staterooms are left unbooked one to two months prior to the embarkation date, you could snag a sailing for a steal if you’re flexible.

Do you tip waiters on a cruise?

About 15% reported never tipping above the cruise ship’s daily gratuities. While another 29% said they sometimes leave additional cruise tips. … Cruisers reported giving their waiters an average additional amount between $20-50 per couple for a 7-day cruise. Assistant waiters tended to receive about half of this amount.

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Do you tip waiters on cruise ships?

While the name sounds fancy, gratuities are nothing more than a tip paid to the staff members for service during the cruise. (Some cruise lines all the gratuities service charges, instead.) The staff works hard to ensure that your vacation is a great one. As a thanks for their service, it’s customary to provide a tip.

Does Holland America have free room service?

Holland America Line

Holland America offers all-day standard room service, most of which is free, including Continental breakfast and sandwiches. Other items, such as hot breakfast fare, come with a fee, but there is no additional charge for late-night orders.

Do cruise workers get their tips?

Most cruise lines distribute the gratuity charges among a number of workers, including some, like laundry workers, who previously didn’t receive tips, Guilford said.

How much is the drink package on Holland America?

Holland America Line

The Elite Beverage Package will buy you premium spirits, cocktails, wines, beers, coffees, nonalcoholic beverages, bottled water and sodas, up to a value of $15 each. The price for the Elite Beverage Package is $59.95 per person, per day if purchased in advance or onboard.