Does Dutch Bros have different milk?

What milk does Dutch Bros use?

All locations offer oat, almond and coconut milk.

Does Dutch Bros have alternative milk?

Oat Milk is our newest alternative milk and is our most eco-friendly option. Plus, it’s just plain delicious—sweet, creamy and not just for non-dairy drinkers!” In addition to oat milk, Dutch Bros has added the Cold Brew Kicker and the Sugar-Free Peach Rebel, the latest in the chain’s line of Blue Rebel Energy Drinks.

Does Dutch Bros have Oatmilk?

We now officially offer Oat Milk – Add your favorite flavor like Vanilla to create your own custom Oat Milk Latte!

Does Dutch Bros use chocolate milk?

Everyone knows Dutch Bros’ Chocolate Milk is where it’s at. Any mocha based drink, like the White Mocha, is the perfect way to enjoy it! … For the kiddos (and everyone else!), grab a delicious, cold-pour chocolate milk.

What does Breve mean at Dutch Bros?

Add a comment… Instagram. This tantalizing coffee breve (a cappuccino with half-and-half instead of whole milk) is a blend of white chocolate sauce, chocolate macadamia nut syrup, and cinnamon syrup.

What is the lowest calorie drink at Dutch Bros?


  • Americano – All sizes 2 calories each (Sugar Free).
  • Cafe Au Lait – small 80 cal, medium 110 cal, large 170 cal.
  • Keto Americano – All sizes 120 calories each (Sugar Free).
  • Cold Brew – medium 20 calories (Sugar Free).
  • Annihilator – medium 180 calories.
  • Caramelizer – medium 200 calories.
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Are Dutch Bros smoothies made with real fruit?

We handcraft our smoothies using Torani real fruit smoothie concentrate mix.

Which is healthier almond or oat milk?

Oat milk is also considered to be higher in calories than the almond drink. … It contains 120 calories in one serving compared to only 60 calories in a serving of almond milk, therefore it may be the better option if you’re trying to reduce your calories.

What is in the oat milk kicker at Dutch Bros?

The Oat Milk Kicker Latte features creamy oat milk and espresso that provides an extra pick me up when you need it most! The Sugar-Free Peach Rebel is the newest Blue Rebel® Energy Drink flavor that Dutch Bros customers can enjoy.