Frequent question: Are Dutch Shepherds playful?

How smart is a Dutch Shepherd?

Dutch Shepherd

height 21 to 25 inches
temperament outgoing playful protective
intelligence high
shedding amount normal
exercise needs high

Are Dutch shepherds stubborn?

The Dutch Shepherd is independent by nature

Their drive to work and to be independent is very unique. However, this does mean that the Dutch Shepherd can be stubborn and relentless. Regardless of this, they are still one of the most loyal dog breeds around.

How fast is a Dutch Shepherd?

Top Speed: 30 mph

German Shepherds are also excellent at guarding. They are very courageous and loyal, not to mention very popular – the GSD ranked second in our 2019 analysis of the top 50 most popular dog breeds in the world.

At what age do Dutch shepherds stop growing?

A typical 8-week-old puppy will weigh between 11 to 17 pounds and should be no taller than 9″. They are usually full grown at around two years of age and mentally matured around three.

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