Frequent question: Does Netherlands have zip codes?

What is zip code of Netherlands?

Netherlands – postal codes

Place Code
1 Rotterdam 3067
2 Rotterdam 3068

Does Amsterdam Netherlands have a zip code?

Instant Amsterdam – Postal codes. A postal code in the Netherlands consists of four figures followed by a space and then two capital letters. … In the Centrum district of Amsterdam there are 2800 postal codes, from 1011 AA to 1019 XH.

How do zip codes work in Netherlands?

The postal codes in the Netherlands have a 6-digit structure and consist of 4 numbers and 2 letters, where the first two digits correspond about the region and the second two digits represent a neighbourhood of a city or a village. The 2 letters indicate the street or a part of a street.

What is 9999 format for zip code?

The 4-digits refer to a grouping of delivery points either geographic (a city block, a building) or a specific destination in the case of a high volume mail recipient. It is common to use -9998 for mail addressed to the postmaster, 9999 for general delivery.

Where is Netherlands located?

Is it Netherlands or the Netherlands?

It is conventionally “the Netherlands

Use ‘the Netherlands’ …; a capital T is not necessary on ‘the’.

What is Plaats in Dutch address?

The Netherlands

Approximate meanings of phrases used in the postcode finder form
Dutch in postcode finder form approximate English meaning
Plaats/Woonplaats ‘locality‘ (village/town/etc.)
Straat street
Straatnaam street name
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