Frequent question: How do you say ladder in Dutch?

What is ladder in Dutch?

→ ladderschaalverdelingverhoudingschaal. ↔ échelle.

How do you say stoned in Dutch?


  1. baksteen, de ~ (m) Noun.
  2. steen, de ~ (m) Noun.

Does the word ladder come from the Dutch?

Used as a noun, the word ladder comes from the Old English word, ‘hlæder’ meaning ‘steps’, which derives from the Old German ‘leitara’ and the Middle Dutch ‘ledere’. The modern term ladder has evolved from these words to refer to a structure with steps or rungs.

What does Moke mean in Dutch?

domestic ass; donkey; Equus asinus.

What are the 3 types of ladders?

6 Different Types of Ladders

  • Stepladders. A stepladder is one of the most common ladder types with nearly universal application. …
  • Straight Ladders. Also known as single ladders, straight ladders look like one half of a stepladder. …
  • Platform Ladders. …
  • Extension Ladders. …
  • Trestle Ladders. …
  • Multi-Way Ladders.

What is ladder why it is called so?

It is so-called because the user’s feet rest on treads (steps) as opposed to rungs, making them generally easier and safer to use. They can be folded flat for easier storage.

What does the phrase the ladder mean?

1 : the second one of two things or people that have been mentioned Of these two options, the former is less expensive, while the latter is less risky. 2 : the last thing or person mentioned Of chicken, fish, and meat, I like the latter best.

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What is mook slang for?

slang. : a foolish, insignificant, or contemptible person.

What is a Moke Harry Potter?

The Moke is a lizard with silver-green skin that is native to the British Isles. It can reach up to ten inches in length. The Moke has never been noticed by Muggles since it has the ability to shrink at will. Mokeskin is highly prized in the making of purses and money-bags.