Frequent question: What does M n mean in Dutch?

What does M mean in Dutch?

t/m (tot en met): up to and including. tnv (ten name van): in the name of. tov (ten opzichte van): in relation to. twv (ter waarde van): worth.

What is Zo N in Dutch?

“zo’n” is an abbreviation for “zo een”, so “such an”. ”

What does kr mean in Dutch?

English Translation. crate. More meanings for krat. crate noun.

How do you address a man in Dutch?

Dutch forms of address

  1. Mr. = Herr = Meneer.
  2. Mrs. = Frau = Mevrouw.
  3. Fräulein = (Me)juffrouw (rarely used)

What does AI mean in Dutch?

a.i. is the abbreviation of ad interim and in Dutch one can say ‘waarnemend’ (wd).

What is short for Swedish?

Swedish Translation. kort. More Swedish words for short.

What is a KRAT?

noun. crate [noun] a container usually made of wooden slats, for carrying goods, fruit etc.

What does DHR stand for?


Acronym Definition
DHR Department of Human Resources
DHR Développement des Hommes et de Leurs Ressources (French: Development of Women and Their Resources)
DHR Department of Historic Resources (Virginia)
DHR Director of Human Resources

What are Dutch last names?

List of Dutch surnames

  • Baas – The Boss.
  • Bakker – Baker.
  • Beek, van – From the brook.
  • Beekhof – garden brook.
  • Beenhouwer – Butcher.
  • Bijl, van der – “from the axe” – i.e. descended from woodcutters (lumberjacks)
  • Bos – Forest.
  • Berg, van der – From the cliff, mountain.
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How do you address a Dutch last name?

Dutch programs also alphabetize names the Dutch way, first by last name and then by prefix (De Vries is alphabetized under V, and follows Vries). If you use software from other countries, prefixes will not be handled correctly. The most common way to handle prefixes is to include them in the field for last name.