Frequent question: What is a traditional Dutch Christmas dessert?

What is the national dessert of Netherlands?

Stroopwafel. Popular throughout the world, the ‘stroopwafel’ is undoubtedly the most famous and popular pastry from The Netherlands.

What are some Dutch Christmas traditions?

Some of the typical treats are:

  • Kruidnoten – ginger nuts.
  • Kerstkransjes – ‘wreath cookies’ (used also to decorate the Christmas tree)
  • Kerststol – a fruited Dutch Christmas loaf.
  • Speculaas – spiced biscuits.
  • Appelbeignets – Dutch apple fritters.
  • Advocaat – egg-yolk liqueur.
  • Bischopswijn – Dutch mulled wine.

Which country puts shoes out for Christmas?

Each year, something peculiar happens on the eve of December 5: Children across Germany each leave a single boot outside their doorsteps, which is then magically filled overnight with chocolate and sweets.

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