How do you say Lotte in Dutch?

How do you pronounce MIJN in Dutch?


  1. IPA: /mɛi̯n/ (stressed)
  2. IPA: /mən/ (unstressed; may be spelt m’n)
  3. audio. (file)
  4. Hyphenation: mijn.
  5. Rhymes: -ɛi̯n, -ən.

How do you pronounce Lotte Hotel?

After trying several other hotels in New York this time we decided to return to the Palace (now the Lotte -pronounced as in ‘boat’) New York Palace and were disappointed.

How is f pronounced in Dutch?

If the “v” is at the end of a word, we pronounce it like an “f”. Now actually there are not really words in the Dutch language that end on a “v”, but it may be the matter in case of an abbreviation or a foreign name: for example, we say “tsjechov”, although we write it with a “v”, we say an “f”.

What does Lotte mean in English?

Definitions of lotte. fishes having large mouths with a wormlike filament attached for luring prey. synonyms: Lophius Americanus, allmouth, angler, angler fish, anglerfish, goosefish, monkfish.

How do you speak Lotte?

Break ‘Lotte’ down into sounds: [LOT] + [EE] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them. Record yourself saying ‘Lotte’ in full sentences, then watch yourself and listen.

How do you pronounce Meike Dutch?

What does Meike mean? The name Meike can pronounced as “MIE-kə” in text or letters. Meike is bay girl name, main origion is Dutch, Hebrew.

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How do you pronounce Maiker?

As for the organization’s new name, “maiker” is a made-up word, pronounced “maker.” LiFari said it “represents the identity and meaning we get from creating a home.”