How do you say poem in Dutch?

What is poem in Dutch?

Dutch Translation. gedicht. More Dutch words for poem. gedicht noun. lines.

How do you say poetry in Dutch?


  1. poetry, the ~ (poemverse) gedicht, het ~ Noun. vers, het ~ Noun.
  2. poetry, the ~ poëzie, de ~ (v) Noun. dichtkunst, de ~ (v) Noun.
  3. poetry, the ~ poëzie, de ~ (v) Noun. dichtwerk, het ~ Noun.
  4. poetry, the ~ (lyrical poetrylyric) lyriek, de ~ (v) Noun. …
  5. poetry, the ~ (lyriclyric poetry) lyriek, de ~ (v) Noun.

What does kit mean in Dutch?

kit Noun. kit, the ~ (equipmentattireoutfitgear) uitrusting, de ~ (v) Noun. outfit, de ~ (m) Noun. outillage, de ~ (v) Noun.

Is Amanda Gorman spoken word?

Her poem is an incredible example of spoken word poetry – a form of poetry that is rooted in oral traditions and performance. … We talked about how elementary and middle school students might use Gorman’s poem as inspiration to write their own poems of place and time.

Who translated the poem Orpheus?

Since his work was translated by J.B. Leishman and Stephen Spender in the 1930s, Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926) has never lost his significance for English-speaking poets. This is a new translation by Don Paterson.

Can poetry be translated?

Poetry can certainly be translated, and it is, but an authentic translation cannot exist if the poet himself does not translate his own work. … Poets preserve a particular language in their poems and to translate a poem is to create a different poem in a different language.

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