Is Amsterdam University College hard to get into?

Is it hard to get into the University of Amsterdam as an international student?

University of Amsterdam Admission 2021-2022 Application Process, Deadlines & Requirements. Admissions at University of Amsterdam are competitive with an acceptance rate of 4.3% for International applicants.

Is Amsterdam University College a good university?

Amsterdam University College has an overall score of 3.8 stars, according to student reviews on Studyportals, the best place to find out how students rate their study and living experience at universities from all over the world.

What GPA do you need to get into the University of Amsterdam?

AUC students have on average a secondary school GPA of ≥7.5 in the Dutch system (≥ 3.0 for US and other high schools, ≥ 5 for IB, ≥ 10 for Abitur). Please note that when assessing an application we look at grades over a longer period of time to ensure that one poor exam does not receive too much weight.

How prestigious is University of Amsterdam?

The UvA ranks 62nd in Times Higher World Rankings 2020 and is the #1 Dutch university in the THE Europe Teaching Rankings. With over 7,000 international students and researchers from more than 100 countries, the UvA offers one of the widest range of English-taught master’s studies in Europe.

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Is Netherlands open for international students?

Immigration. Can I travel to the Netherlands as a non-EU/EEA student? As a student you are exempted from the EU travel ban and you are allowed to travel to the Netherlands if you have received the IND decision letter stating that you will receive a residence permit for study.

Is it hard to study in Netherlands?

Studying at a university in the Netherlands is not easy. During the first four weeks of the course in last September, every student had to learn how to manage the pressure. In the process of doing so, some students got hospitalized, some students broke into tears in the class, and some students never came back.

Does Amsterdam have free college?

Tuition fees & education costs of higher education in the Netherlands. Higher education in the Netherlands is not free, however, it is subsidised by the Dutch government, making it affordable for Dutch students and also fairly accessible for international students.

How can I get admission in University of Amsterdam?

Application steps

  1. Choose a programme. Use the links below to choose a programme and view the application information for that programme.
  2. Check the entry requirements. …
  3. Submit enrolment application in Studielink. …
  4. Complete your application. …
  5. Pay the tuition fee (after admission)

Does University of Amsterdam teach in English?

The UvA offers 20 English-taught Bachelor’s programmes and has one of the largest selections of international Master’s study programmes of any university in Europe. This includes nearly 200 taught in English and several entirely unique to the UvA.

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Can I transfer to University of Amsterdam?

If you have already completed or will complete (the equivalent of) one year at university, you can apply for a transfer of credit of up to 60 European credit points (ecp). … The university programme must be recognised as and/or meet the criteria of a first year of study at a Dutch university.

When can I apply to University of Amsterdam?

Application is open from 1 October until 15 January. If the number of students who apply for a programme exceeds the number of available places, a selection procedure will take place between 15 January and 15 April.