Is Holland hospital a teaching hospital?

Who is Holland Hospital affiliated with?

Spectrum Health will purchase Holland Hospital’s 50 percent share and become the sole owner of Health Pointe effective Dec. 31, 2020.

Is Holland Hospital a nonprofit?

As an independent, not-for-profit hospital, we offer people across Ottawa and Allegan counties access to a wide range of medical specialties, including an exceptional birthing center, nationally recognized orthopedic and cardiovascular medicine, responsive emergency and urgent care, expert surgical services, …

Is Holland Hospital part of Spectrum Health?

Spectrum Health has a long history of working with Holland Hospital to care for lakeshore patients,” said Richard C. Breon, President & CEO, Spectrum Health. … Most recently, this partnership has resulted in the development of the Spectrum Health Heart and Vascular Center located on the Holland Hospital campus.

What hospitals does Spectrum Health own?

Spectrum Health has state-of-the-art tertiary and quaternary facilities, along with strong community-based hospitals, across West Michigan.

  • Big Rapids Hospital. 605 Oak Street. …
  • Blodgett Hospital. …
  • Butterworth Hospital. …
  • Gerber Memorial. …
  • Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. …
  • Kelsey Hospital. …
  • Ludington Hospital. …
  • Pennock.

What county is Holland Hospital in?

Holland Hospital is a non-profit hospital located in the West Michigan lakeshore area. The hospital was founded in 1917 and it serves the greater Holland area and surrounding communities throughout Ottawa and Allegan counties.

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Holland Hospital
Opened 1917
Lists Hospitals in Michigan

How many employees does Holland Hospital have?

Stats & Facts

Physicians 450
Employees 2,060
Volunteers 350
Admissions (excluding newborns) 8,700
Overnight Stays (excluding newborns) 30,600