Is Jules Holland a good pianist?

Did Jools Holland have piano lessons?

The piano I learned on was a beaten-up pianola. My grandmother was given it as a wedding present by her mother in 1937, and it was in her little front room in Charlton. … There’s not much point in having lessons if there’s no piano to practise on. It’s also a lovely piece of furniture.

Who did Jools Holland marry?

When did Jools Holland learn to play piano?

“I first started to play probably when I was around eight or nine years old – my grandmother had a piano in her front room, and I lived with her for a little bit; my uncle, who had learned Boogie-woogie piano from my mother was playing this music when I came in, and for me that was the best thing ever – the chaos of …

Who played piano on uncertain smile?

The most-familiar version, which was recorded for the Soul Mining album, replaced the saxophone with a lengthy Jazz piano solo by Squeeze’s Jools Holland (better known now as the host of BBC’ TV’s music show Later).

Is Jools Holland tour Cancelled?

Jools Holland is a singer-songwriter, musician, television presenter, and former member of Squeeze, from London. … Jools Holland has postponed some of his UK tour dates to 2022 in response to the coronavirus pandemic. He also headlines WonderHall festival at Lytham Hall in August 2021.

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What is Jools Holland famous for?

Depending on who you talk to, the irrepressible Jools Holland is best known as a blisteringly energetic, piano-pounding performer of boogie-woogie, jazz, and R&B; or as the keyboard-wizard sideman to one of the great new wave pop bands of the ’70s and ’80s; or as one of the U.K.’s most popular television presenters.

Is Jools Holland Hootenanny recorded?

The Hootenanny is always pre-recorded, usually at the beginning of December, but is of course presented as if it’s going out live on New Year’s Eve – so that countdown to midnight is all TV trickery. …