Question: How is B pronounced in Dutch?

How do you say B in Dutch?

Take a look at the phonetic tips next to each for how to say each one.

How to Pronounce the Dutch Alphabet.

A ah N en
B bay O oa
C say P pay
D day Q kuw
E ay R her

How is a pronounced in Dutch?

Sometimes the g is pronounced like zh in words borrowed from French. One last vowel sound is found in various Dutch spellings. It is pronounced like uh, as in along or sofa.

Dutch Pronunciation.

Dutch letters English sound
uu ew, but with lips rounded (sound not found in English)
a ah as in father, but shorter
e eh as in bed
i ih as in bit

Is Dutch easy to learn?

How hard is it to learn? Dutch is probably the easiest language to learn for English speakers as it positions itself somewhere between German and English. … het, but it doesn’t have all the grammatical cases like German.

How is C pronounced in Dutch?

c is pronounced as in ‘seat’ when it is followed by e or i. c is pronounced as in ‘cool’ when it is followed by a, o, or u. d is pronounced as in ‘dad’. At the end of a word, however, it is pronounced as in ‘tear’.

What is S in Dutch?

The ‘s comes from the Dutch genitief (genitiv). It is the possessive form, which is usually expressed in English with a “’s” or with “of”: It is my father’s house/It is the house of my father. In Dutch, it actually works quite similarly: Het is mijn vader’s huis/Het is het huis van mijn vader.

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Is Dutch similar to Danish?

While Germanic in origin, Danish is considered a Scandinavian style. … When it comes to pronunciation, Dutch is almost similar to Danish. However, the Dutch language shares a lot more in common with the German language when it comes to syntax, sentence structure, verb usage, and grammar.

What is Y in Dutch?

The letter “y” is also the only letter in the Dutch alphabet that is called by its name: “Griekse y (Greek y)” or ypsilon (after the Greek letter).

What is the alphabet in Dutch?

The modern Dutch alphabet consists of the 26 letters of the ISO basic Latin alphabet and is used for the Dutch language. Five (or six) letters are vowels and 21 (or 20) letters are consonants.


Letter Letter name Spelling alphabet
C [seː] Cornelis
D [deː] Dirk
E [eː] Eduard
F [ɛf] Ferdinand

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