Quick Answer: Has Holland ever won a trophy?

What trophies have Holland won?

The Netherlands has competed in ten FIFA World Cups, appearing in the finals three times (in 1974, 1978 and 2010). They have also appeared in nine UEFA European Championships, winning the 1988 tournament in West Germany. Additionally, the team won a bronze medal at the Olympic tournament in 1908, 1912 and 1920.

How many times have Holland been in the World Cup final?

Netherlands has appeared in 3 World Cup finals as of 2018. After appearing in two consecutive World Cup finals in 1974 and 1978, the team had their biggest World Cup streak in the 1990s, reaching three straight tournaments.

Is Holland in the 2022 World Cup?

Turkey will visit European football powerhouse the Netherlands in the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers on Tuesday, with the top of the Group G set for a thrilling race. The Group G is led by Turkey with 11 points in five matches. … Only the group winners will automatically qualify for the 2022 World Cup.

Has Germany ever missed a World Cup?

West Germany also qualified for the World Cup every time they entered, and in their history they only missed out on the 1930 World Cup, refusing to travel.

What is the most prestigious competition?

1. FIFA World Cup: The most prestigious international competition of the world’s most popular sport, the soccer World Cup is by far the biggest international sports event. Held every four years, no competition stirs national pride around the world the way the World Cup does.

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