What do Dutch people say before eating?

How do you say bon appetit in Dutch?

“bon appétit” in Dutch

  1. smakelijk eten.
  2. eet smakelijk.

How do you say eat in Flemish?

Many people say grace, a short prayer recited before or after a meal to invoke a blessing upon the food or to give thanks for it.

Bon appétit in many languages.

Language Bon appetit / Have a nice meal
Finnish Hyvää ruokahalua!
Flemish (West) Smakelijk
French Bon appétit !
Frisian (North – Mooring) Mäljtid

What is Bon appetite?

Bon appétit is a way of telling someone to enjoy what they are about to eat. Bon appétit comes from French and literally means “good appetite.” It is one of the most common things to say to people before they eat.

How do you wish someone a good meal in Japanese?

Meshi agare as enjoy your meal.

Why do Dutch people eat early?

Arrival time for dinner in the Netherlands

Dutchies like to start early, usually between 5 PM and 6 PM. … The time for dinner and lunch was influenced by the socio-economic circumstances of the 19th century. Lower social classes would eat a warm meal around midday, while the higher classes would eat at 3 PM.

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What is Bon Appetit in Arabic?

bialeafiata! More Arabic words for Bon appetit! interjection شهية طيبة!

What is Bon Appetit in Chinese?

/bɑːn-/ a phrase, originally from French, meaning “good appetite”, said to someone who is about to eat, meaning “I hope you enjoy your food” 祝你好胃口(餐前祝福语) (Translation of bon appétit from the Cambridge English-Chinese (Simplified) Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

What do you say after Bon Appetit?

If someone tells you Bon appétit ! you can answer Merci (= thank you) if they’re not eating as well (if they’re a waiter, for instance). If they are eating at the same time, you only need to wish them the same: Bon appétit !

What can I say instead of Bon Appetit?

synonyms for bon appetit!

  • chow down!
  • eat hearty!
  • eat up!
  • enjoy your meal.
  • good appetite.