What does Fanny mean in Dutch?

What does pretty girl mean in Dutch?

Translations. pretty girl Noun. pretty girl, the ~ (dollmanequinbeautiful girl) mooi meisje, het ~ Noun.

What is a female Dutch?

noun, plural Dutch·wom·en. a female native or inhabitant of the Netherlands; a woman of Dutch ancestry.

What does Fanny in Italian mean?

More Italian words for fanny. la figa noun. fanny. la vagina noun. vagina, pussy.

What does Lil mean in Dutch?

lil Noun. lil, de ~ (m) gelatine, the ~ Noun. jelly, the ~ Noun. aspic, the ~ Noun.

How do you say cute girl in Dutch?

Depends on whether you want to say it to a guy or girl: Guys: “Je bent knap” “Je bent leuk” (means you’re cute) Girls: “je bent mooi” “Je bent leuk” This one works for both: “Je ziet er geweldig uit!” Meaning: you look amazing!

Which country are the Dutch?

Dutch is spoken not only in the Netherlands, but it is also the official language of Flanders, the neighbouring northern provinces of Belgium. Worldwide, Dutch is a national language in Suriname (South America), Aruba and the Dutch Antilles (Caribbean). In total Dutch has 23 million mother tongue speakers.

What does S mean in Dutch?

The ‘s comes from the Dutch genitief (genitiv). It is the possessive form, which is usually expressed in English with a “’s” or with “of”: It is my father’s house/It is the house of my father. In Dutch, it actually works quite similarly: Het is mijn vader’s huis/Het is het huis van mijn vader.

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