What does va mean in Dutch?

How do you say God in Dutch?

God: God; Almachtige; opperwezen; Schepper; heer; Here; schepper.

What does AI mean in Dutch?

a.i. is the abbreviation of ad interim and in Dutch one can say ‘waarnemend’ (wd).

What is VA in anime?

Seiyuu. Term for voice actors/actresses in anime. When referring to the Japanese voices in English speaking circles, seiyuu is used over the more general words voice actor or VA.

Shall we go dutch meaning?

To “go Dutch” implies an informal agreement that each person will pay his or her own expenses during a date.

How do you say God in different languages?

In other languages god

  • American English: God /ɡɑd/
  • Arabic: الله
  • Brazilian Portuguese: deus.
  • Chinese: 上帝
  • Croatian: bog.
  • Czech: bůh.
  • Danish: gud.
  • Dutch: god.

How do you pronounce ae in Dutch?

Although it’s quite closely related to German, Dutch gives the impression of being one of the odder languages in Europe due to its distinctively peculiar system of vowel sounds.

Vowels and Diphthongs.

a ah (open) or uh (closed), e.g. Radio Nederland = rah-dee-oh nay-der-lund
aa, ae ah

What is T in Dutch?

In the Dutch language, the word ‘t (Dutch pronunciation: [ət]) is a contraction of the article “het”, meaning “the”. ‘t can be found as a tussenvoegsel, a word that is positioned between a person’s first and last name.

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What does M mean in Dutch?

t/m (tot en met): up to and including. tnv (ten name van): in the name of. tov (ten opzichte van): in relation to. twv (ter waarde van): worth.