What is ambulance in Dutch?

What does mots mean in Dutch?

Probably from Dutch mot (“woman”).

What does Kechie mean in Dutch?

kech f (plural kechs, diminutive kechje n ) (slang, derogatory, offensive) whore (usually as a term of abuse for a woman) Synonyms: hoer, slet, lichtekooi, prostituee.

What does Lil mean in Dutch?

lil Noun. lil, de ~ (m) gelatine, the ~ Noun. jelly, the ~ Noun. aspic, the ~ Noun.

What does Ven mean in Dutch?

The original bearer may have lived or worked near a ven, a Dutch term for a small lake, like fen (“veen” in Dutch) derived from the Proto-Germanic fanją.

What does it mean if something is moot?

The meaning of ‘moot’ is a moot point – whichever variety of English you speak. … Later a moot point, initially a legal issue, became used more widely to mean one that was open to argument, debatable or uncertain.

What is definition of bon mot?

: a clever remark : witticism his bons mots were being repeated … from coast to coast— W. J. Fisher.

What is English word for Khech?

/mirgī/ nf. epilepsy uncountable noun. Epilepsy is a brain condition which causes a person to suddenly lose consciousness and sometimes to have fits.

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What does Gr mean in Dutch?

m.vr.gr. ( met vriendelijke groeten): with kind regards.

What does S mean in Dutch?

The ‘s comes from the Dutch genitief (genitiv). It is the possessive form, which is usually expressed in English with a “’s” or with “of”: It is my father’s house/It is the house of my father. In Dutch, it actually works quite similarly: Het is mijn vader’s huis/Het is het huis van mijn vader.

Does Ven mean in Spanish?

Ven is the command form of the word venir (to come) and aquí and acá both mean “here”.

Is ven a name?

Dutch Baby Names | Meanings and Origins Meaning:

In Dutch Baby Names | Meanings and Origins the meaning of the name Ven is: Of.

What language is Ven?

The Latin root word ven and its variant vent both mean “come.” Let’s see how these Latin root words have “come” so fruitfully into the English language.