What is it like to study at University of Amsterdam?

Is it hard to study at University of Amsterdam?

Becoming a student of the University of Amsterdam as well as any other Dutch university is relatively easy, the hard part is staying. Most demanded courses such as Law and Medicine are harder and have more requirements such as admission exams, but everybody is given a chance.

What is it like to study in Amsterdam?

Students have more time to combine studying with exploring the city and surrounding area. Amsterdam is in the heart of Western Europe and well-connected. … Most courses have relatively small teaching groups of around 15, with plenty of student-teacher interaction.

Is it hard to get into the University of Amsterdam as an international student?

University of Amsterdam Admission 2021-2022 Application Process, Deadlines & Requirements. Admissions at University of Amsterdam are competitive with an acceptance rate of 4.3% for International applicants.

Is it hard to study in Netherlands?

Studying at a university in the Netherlands is not easy. During the first four weeks of the course in last September, every student had to learn how to manage the pressure. In the process of doing so, some students got hospitalized, some students broke into tears in the class, and some students never came back.

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Is University of Amsterdam in English?

The UvA offers 20 English-taught Bachelor’s programmes and has one of the largest selections of international Master’s study programmes of any university in Europe. This includes nearly 200 taught in English and several entirely unique to the UvA.

Is it hard to get into university of Groningen?

One might then wonder if admissions are competitive. The answer is “No”. If a program does not have an enrollment cap, you are admitted if you have the equivalent of a Dutch VWO level high school diploma. … Though it may not be hard to get into the school, students must work to stay in school.

How can I study for free in Amsterdam?

Scholarships to Study in Netherland

  1. Erasmus+
  2. Holland Scholarship.
  3. NN Future Matters Scholarship.
  4. Orange Tulip Scholarship Programme.
  5. University of Maastricht High Potential Scholarships:
  6. TU Delft Excellence Scholarships.
  7. Eric Bleumink Scholarships at University of Groningen.
  8. Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship.

Is Amsterdam safe for international students?

If you’ve been wondering if it’s safe to study abroad in the Netherlands, rest easy knowing it’s basically as safe as a country gets. The crime rate in the Netherlands is pretty low, and it’s regarded as generally safe for female travelers. In fact, it ranks 16th on the world’s safest country list.

Is Amsterdam good for international students?

Amsterdam is known for the many pleasant student associations and there is always one for you. … Studying in Amsterdam for some international students can bring its fair share of culture shock, but the city is a diverse one and no matter where you come from, you’ll always feel at home in Amsterdam.

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