What percentage of the Netherlands is rural?

What percentage of the Netherlands is urban?

Netherlands: Degree of urbanization from 2010 to 2020

Characteristic Proportion of urban population
2019 91.88%
2018 91.49%
2017 91.08%
2016 90.64%

Is the Netherlands mostly urban or rural?

Since 2002 more people in the Netherlands are living in urban than in rural areas. In the province of North Holland the number of addresses per km2 averages 3,085. With an average 693 inhabitants per km2, Drenthe is the most sparsely populated province in the Netherlands.

Is the Netherlands rural?

ABSTRACT According to the OECD standard, there are no rural areas in the Netherlands. Nonetheless, debate continues about the future of the Dutch countryside. … Whereas seniors in general have more socio-cultural representations, young people see the countryside mainly as an agricultural production zone.

How many people live in rural areas in the Netherlands?

Netherlands rural population for 2020 was 1,354,130, a 3.9% decline from 2019. Netherlands rural population for 2019 was 1,409,098, a 3.91% decline from 2018. Netherlands rural population for 2018 was 1,466,411, a 4.07% decline from 2017.

How many people live in urban areas in the Netherlands?

Urban population (% of total population) in Netherlands was 91.49 as of 2018. Its highest value over the past 58 years was 91.49 in 2018, while its lowest value was 59.75 in 1960. Definition: Urban population refers to people living in urban areas as defined by national statistical offices.

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How much of the population of the Netherlands was tallied as Internet users?

In 2018, 98 percent of Dutch households had internet access, putting the Netherlands at the forefront within Europe. The Netherlands also ranks among the European top in terms of high-speed broadband connectivity and mobile internet usage.

Is Luxembourg Urban?

In 2020, 91.45 percent of Luxembourg’s total population lived in urban areas and cities. …

What is the Dutch countryside like?

Hills and the Netherlands don’t mix very well. Dutch landscape is flat, pancake flat. The area between Alkmaar, Hoorn and Purmerend is the essential Dutch landscape, with the land reclamation of the Schermer, small villages (Grootschermer, De Rijp), windmills (Schermerhorn) and a sea of green meadows.

Is Denmark in the Netherlands?

Denmark is a totally different country altogether. It is not the same as The Netherlands (also Holland). These are two separate countries, but both are on the continent of Europe. … Holland, or the Netherlands, has Amsterdam as its capital city.