What time does the sunset in Amsterdam in June?

What time is sunset in Amsterdam in summer?

July 2021 — Sun in Amsterdam

2021 Sunrise/Sunset
Jul Sunrise Sunset
29 5:56 am ↑ 9:36 pm
30 5:57 am ↑ 9:34 pm ↑
31 5:59 am ↑ 9:33 pm ↑

What time does the sunset in Amsterdam in July?

June 2021 — Sun in Amsterdam

2021 Sunrise/Sunset
Jun Sunrise Sunset
1 5:24 am ↑ 9:52 pm
2 5:23 am ↑ 9:54 pm ↑
3 5:22 am ↑ 9:55 pm ↑

What is the longest day in Amsterdam?

Today will be the longest day of the year in the Netherlands with a total of 16 hours and 46 minutes of daylight between sunrise and sunset. June 21st also marks the start of astronomical summer, which last until September 20th, AD reports. The meteorological summer started on June 1st and runs until August 31st.

How long are summer days in Amsterdam?

With up to approximately 16:50 hours the longest days happen in Juni.

What time does it get dark in Amsterdam in December?

In December it gets dark early in Amsterdam, with sunset occurring around 4:30 pm!

Is there sun in Netherlands?

The sun in the Netherlands is rarely seen from November to February, but it does not shine very often even in summer, however, from May to August, there are around 6.5/7 sunshine hours per day. Here are the average sunshine hours per day in The Hague (which is the sunniest city in the Netherlands).

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How many days of sunshine does Amsterdam get?

West Netherlands

% Sun Place Days
37 Amsterdam 309
39 Den Helder 311
39 Goes 315
39 Katwijk 311