What’s easier Dutch or French?

Is French easier to learn than Dutch?

French is more international and spoken worldwide. … Nevertheless, learning French in Brussels is not easier than learning Dutch unless you are a native speaker of a latin language. However, French is full of awful exceptions and has a bloody pronunciation. Like Dutch, French is not impossible to learn.

Is it better to learn French or Dutch?

Dutch is probably easier than French, as it is basically a German dialect with leanings towards English; while it has undergone some influences from French absent from both English and German, such as the pronunciation of s, it is very much like English and German in its vocabulary, its sentence structure, and the way …

Is Dutch the easiest language to learn?

How hard is it to learn? Dutch is probably the easiest language to learn for English speakers as it positions itself somewhere between German and English. … However, de and het are quite possibly the hardest part to learn, as you have to memorise which article each noun takes.

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What foreign language is easiest?

This pick should come as no surprise. Spanish has always been a go-to language for English speakers to learn due to its practicality and wide reach. Well, it’s also one of the easiest languages to learn for English speakers.

Can you learn Dutch and French at the same time?

It’s definitely doable: for instance, I learnt a lot about my own language from Kevin Cook’s Dubbel Dutch. Cook really has it made: once you can start lecturing Dutch people about their own language, you’ll be in good company. Reaching that stage in French will be a lot harder.

Do you need to know Dutch?

Is it necessary to learn the language? In short, learning Dutch is helpful, but not necessary as you can communicate with most people in English without any problem. Although, if you plan on staying in The Netherlands, even if it is just for further studies, learning Dutch is advised.

Can I speak Dutch in Brussels?

Brussels is bilingual: French and Dutch are the official languages there. Yet Brussels is home to only a minority of Flemish people. … For centuries, Brussels was a Dutch-speaking city and today it is still the capital of Flanders.

Why should you learn Dutch?

Learning the language will give you an insider’s view of the culture; for example, it will become clear why Dutch people can sometimes come across as rude when they speak English. The Dutch prefer a direct style of communication, and a literal translation in that style can often seem very blunt to a foreigner.

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Can I speak French in Antwerp?

So for your question, yes in Flanders most peoples can communicate in French. First, these cities are called Antwerpen (Antwerp), Leuven, Gent (Ghent) and Mechelen. like others mentioned, if you are a Korean tourist, that speaks French and no English, people will have no problem helping you in French.

Why is Dutch so easy?

English students frequently say to me that Dutch is the easiest language to learn. It makes sense because Dutch is part of the Germanic branch of the Indo-European family of languages, just like English. And if you compare it to another language of that family, German, it’s much easier.

Are Dutch and German the same race?

Nederlanders) are a Germanic ethnic group and nation native to the Netherlands. They share a common ancestry and culture and speak the Dutch language.

Dutch people.

Germany 128,000
Belgium 121,000
New Zealand 100,000
France 60,000

What is the hardest language to learn?

8 Hardest Languages to Learn In The World For English Speakers

  1. Mandarin. Number of native speakers: 1.2 billion. …
  2. Icelandic. Number of native speakers: 330,000. …
  3. 3. Japanese. Number of native speakers: 122 million. …
  4. Hungarian. Number of native speakers: 13 million. …
  5. Korean. …
  6. Arabic. …
  7. Finnish. …
  8. Polish.