Why did Matt shot Alec Holland?

Who Turned Into Swamp Thing?

1) Alec Holland transformed into Swamp Thing

In the process of trying to prevent further spreading in the swamp, Alec is attacked by a mysterious man in a shroud. He shoots Alec and throws a stick of dynamite into his boat.

What kills Swamp Thing?

The original Swamp Thing has been killed. The defender of the Green sacrificed himself to help stop the Upside-Down Man in the pages of Justice League Dark. However, in the latest issue, his teammate and friend Kirk Langstrom, AKA Man-Bat, discovers that Swamp Thing may be down, but not out.

Where is Swamp Thing located?

Swamp Thing is an American superhero horror television series created by Gary Dauberman and Mark Verheiden for DC Universe, based on the DC Comics character of the same name.

Swamp Thing (2019 TV series)

Swamp Thing
Executive producers Len Wiseman Gary Dauberman Mark Verheiden James Wan Michael Clear
Production locations Wilmington, North Carolina

Can Swamp Thing use magic?

Worth noting that without Holland, Swamp Thing is a purified vegetable elemental versus actual human. He also wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) be deemed a sorcerer as he doesn’t manipulate mystic energies, doesn’t cast spells or use magic.

Is DC a swamp?

For the past ten years a number of historians of Washington, DC, have been trying to put to rest the idea that the city was built on a swamp. The Mall in particular was not a swamp, though it did have a river with a tidal flow next to it (where today’s Constitution Avenue runs).

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