Why did the Netherlands resist Spanish rule quizlet?

Who led resistance to Spanish rule in the Netherlands?

Early Years of the Rebellion—Alva, Requesens, and Don John of Austria : 1567-78

Commander Short Biography
William the Silent Hero of the Dutch Revolt. Led resistance to the Inquisition and Spanish tyranny.
Louis of Nassau Strongly Calvinist rother of William of Orange, died at the battle of Mookerheyde

Why did the Netherlands rebel against Spanish authority in the 1500’s quizlet?

Why did the dutch revolt against Spain? The Dutch revolted because Spain had a sluggish economy and taxed the Netherlands who had a prosperous middle class. Spain was Catholic and the netherlands were Calvanists and Spain tried to crush Protestantism. They sent a army that killed 1500 Protestant rebels in one day.

Why did people in the Netherlands revolt against Spain quizlet?

Why did the Dutch revolt against Spain? Because Philip raised taxes and took steps to crush Protestantism. The Dutch revolted and to punish Spain, Philip executed 1,500 Protestants. They continued to fight.

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Who among the following led the resistance to Spanish rule in the Netherlands quizlet?

Who were the leaders of the resistance against Spanish rule in the Netherlands? The Count of Egmont and William of Nassua, Prince of Orange.

What are 3 differences between the Spanish and Dutch Netherlands economies around 1600?

The economy of Spain around 1600 was not doing well. Spain had no middle class, and would only tax the lower classes (not wealthy nobles). … Around the 1600s the Dutch economy was thriving. The Dutch were ruled under a republic, which gave the country stability, allowing it to focus on economic growth.

What role did religion play in the struggle between the Spanish and that Dutch?

What role did religion play in the struggle between the Spanish and the Dutch? The Spanish were strict practicing Catholics while the Dutch practiced religious toleration. You just studied 3 terms!

What were the two major reasons Spain fought against the Netherlands or the Dutch?

Philip, on the other hand, was raised in Spain and spoke neither Dutch nor French. During Philip’s reign, tensions flared in the Netherlands over heavy taxation, suppression of Protestantism, and centralization efforts. The growing conflict would reach a boiling point and lead ultimately to the war of independence.

Why did the Dutch revolt against Spanish?

The two major reasons that the Dutch rebelled against Spain were taxes and religion.

Why did the Dutch revolt against Spain what was the result?

Why did the Dutch revolt against Spain? … The value of money decreased, a heavy tax was imposed on lower classes, Spanish people bought foreign goods, enemies became rich, and Netherlands won their independence (1579).

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What kind of government did the Dutch develop during the 1600s?

The Dutch Republic was a confederation of seven provinces, which had their own governments and were very independent, and a number of so-called Generality Lands.