You asked: Does Von Dutch have a store?

Is Von Dutch a luxury brand?

Von Dutch Is Back With A Luxury Mid-2000s-Inspired Collection. … Von Dutch has a complicated history that spans decades. The brand was named after Kenny Howard, whose daughters sold the name to Michael Cassel and Robert Vaughn after his death in 1992.

Why does Von Dutch take so long to ship?

Von Dutch takes the utmost care and efficiency to get your goods to you. Some pre-orders may take longer than expected due to high order volume. Back ordered items will ship out as soon as they become available in our warehouse.

Where is Von Dutch?

Von Dutch

Industry Men’s and women’s apparel and accessories
Founded 1999
Headquarters Los Angeles, California , United States
Area served Thailand, Brazil, Philippines, Italy, India, Malaysia, Singapore
Products Shirts, jackets, shoes, hats, jeans, bags, eyewear, watches, and belts/buckles

Is Von Dutch made in China?


Why is Von Dutch popular?

Von Dutch is a fashion brand that was created in the early 2000’s led by famed French designer, Christian Audigier. The iconic Hollywood brand has been a staple on the pop culture and music scene for over 15 years. … Von Dutch continues to be one of the most influential brands that has stood the test of time.

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Are Von Dutch hats good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Quality hat. Better price than anywhere else. Love my VonDutch stuff. … This is a great hat with excellent quality.

How did Von Dutch become popular?

Von Dutch’s reputation for painting pinstripes and other designs on cars and motorcycles grew and grew as he worked in a couple different shops. He made a personal appearance at 1955 Motorama, where he striped a 1927 Studebaker, and his reputation went national at Car Craft in February 1956.

How do I cancel my Von Dutch order?

Once your order is placed, we are unable to cancel or refund confirmed orders. We are only accepting exchanges and/or providing a store credit. Please contact customer service here, to request an exchange or store credit within 15 days of the order delivery date.

Do Von Dutch hats fit big heads?

It’s adjustable (a snap-back). Looks really cool. Dark bill helps keep sun/reflection out or your eyes. It fits Fat-Heads pretty well.

Can you wash a Von Dutch hat?

The Quick Method to Wash an Embroidered Baseball Cap

Fill a clean sink or a small tub with cool water and add a drop or two of mild laundry detergent. Dunk the hat and swish it around to create some suds. Let the hat soak for just 5 to 10 minutes. Remove the hat and rinse it thoroughly with cool water.