Your question: Do I need a customs declaration for the Netherlands?

What do you have to declare at customs Netherlands?

You are allowed to bring in duty free: products you purchased on your trip outside of the EU; if the total value is €430 or less. 1 litre of spirits, whisky for example, or 2 litres of wine or 16 litres of beer. 200 cigarettes or 250 gram hand-rolling tobacco or 50 cigars.

Is there import duty from UK to Netherlands?

Yes, you can. However, you will have to pay value-added tax (VAT) on products that cost more than €22. You will also need to pay import duties if products cost more than €150. Lees deze informatie in het Nederlands.

Do you have to pay customs from UK to Netherlands?

Receiving parcels from the UK

Parcels from the UK are now officially coming from outside the European Union. Recipients in the Netherlands therefore will be required to pay custom clearance fees if the total value of imported goods exceeds 22 Euro.

What is not allowed to bring to Netherlands?

Counterfeit articles. Protected animal and plant species. … Plants, flowers, fruit and vegetables (phytosanitary products) Weapons, ammunition and dummy weapons and explosives.

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How much is import duty in Netherlands?

21% is the general or standard rate and applies to most goods.

Do you pay import tax from Netherlands?

When importing goods into the Netherlands from outside the European Union (EU), you will usually have to pay import duties. You will also have to pay VAT and in some cases excise duty, consumption tax or other levies.

Will I have to pay customs charges after Brexit?

Customs charges should not be applied to products of EU origin, due to the ‘rules of origin’ agreement between the UK and the EU. This means that orders are customs duty exempt if products have been largely produced and manufactured in the EU.

Which countries need customs declaration?

Do I need a customs form? It is mandatory to complete a customs form if: you are sending goods or gifts from England, Wales or Scotland to anywhere outside of the UK. you are sending goods or gifts from Northern Ireland to any non-EU destinations (except UK)

What is the point of customs declaration?

A customs declaration is a legal document that declares the value and contents of what you’re importing or exporting. It’s used by customs authorities in both the origin country and the destination country to ensure trades are compliant and pay the correct taxes and duties.

How do I avoid customs charges?

Currently, you can send a parcel to any destination in the UK and throughout Europe without any additional customs charges or documentation being required. However, if you are sending a parcel outside of the European Union, such as to China, USA, India or Australia, you will need to complete customs documentation.

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