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Holland History and Traditions

Say it with Flowers

Flower Fields

Flowers seem to be one of the first things thought of when someone mentions Holland. It's not surprising with thousands of flowers being grown, 17 botanical gardens, and several flower parades. There are even 2 of the largest flower auctions in the world with shipments coming in and out of this country every day. One of these auction houses is in one of the largest buildings in the world, covering the space of 120 football fields, and handles 15 million cut flowers a day - about 4 billion a year! In fact, the flowers you buy in New York or Australia tomorrow may have been traded here in Holland today.

Among the most notable traditions in the Netherlands is the giving and receiving of flowers. Nobody really knows how this tradition got started but here flowers are given for every reason imaginable. If a friend has a baby, bring flowers. Someone's birthday - flowers are a must. You're invited to a home for coffee, brunch or dinner - remember to bring flowers. Visiting a hospital, a house party, a new home, a celebration - flowers are on the agenda. To say "Thank You", "I Love You", "I'm thinking of you"....flowers - you get the idea!

FlowersWhen you receive flowers you must also treat them with the respect that they deserve. Be prepared especially for birthdays. Celebrations of birthdays are a must, in fact some people consider it unsociable if you don't celebrate this event. Men and women, young and old will bring flowers and you will find it necessary to have a place to put them. If you don't have enough vases, the traditional thing to do is have a bucket on hand with water to *plunk* them in until you can properly prepare them. Set it in a strategic location so that all guests can see the lovely bouquets you have received. Then as soon as you have time, if possible while your guests are still there, open each bouquet, cut the bottom of the stems about an inch, mix the food (if provided) in the water and arrange them in your vase.

Some flowers naturally last longer than others and you will become acquainted with their care, but most need to be trimmed every day or two, some need more water than others, rearranged when necessary, and above all enjoyed!

Say it with Flowers

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