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Our visit to Bunschoten-Spakenburg was on a Monday which is usually a quiet day for the smaller towns and villages in Holland. Many of the shops don't open until noon in some locations and people are busy at home or back to work. This village, however is a favorite tourist spot so in the summer it can be quite active. No matter when you would visit it would be enjoyable.

They have open-air fairs, fishing contests, special children's events, two large rival soccer teams with individual fields, markets, a Christmas fair, concerts and more. While none of these were going on when we were there, it was an enjoyable town just for enjoying the scenery and relaxing.

In July and August there are days called "Spakenburg Days" where many activities take place. On these days many people dress in the traditional garb of the area and it is possible to participate in their activities and even have your picture taken in the local dress. Since we did not see any of this when we were there we plan to return during Spakenburg Days and add photos and more about the people and their traditions to this site.

If you would like to be notified when this is added use the e-mail address below and we'll let you know.


In the meantime you can take a tour of the city with us using the pictures at the bottom of the page and see a small slide show below of a few local water foul and their brand new babies that performed for us.

Next you can take a tour of the city with us. Click on the small picture on the left to open the original on the right.


Traditional Fabrics

Shopping Street



Flowering Tree


Smoked Eel


Green Grocer


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