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January 2007 Storm

One of the things that Holland is known for is the rain that seems constant. However, a damaging storm is not all that common. In January 2007 a storm system came through with hurricaine force winds that disrupted everything in Holland as well as England and most of the western countries of Europe. Many lives were lost over the area. Buildings were damaged or demolished, train travel was non-existant and power was out in wide areas.

Here in Amersfoort the damage was minimal but the water plant were Hein works in Nieuwegein, (pronounced "new-ve-hine") didn't escape. The photos below are ones he took that show how one of the buildings there was hit and damaged by a huge tree that broke off near its base. The building is used for one of the operations of filtering and pruifying water. Fortunately nobody was injured when the tree came crashing through.

Click on the thumbnail to see the picture come up below.
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