Are dogs allowed in Dutch Village?

Are dogs allowed in downtown Holland MI?

Holland is a very pet-friendly town, with several of our hotels, attractions, and recreational areas happy to welcome your furry loved ones.

Are dogs allowed on the beach in Holland MI?

While the main beach itself is not dog-friendly, there are plenty of different areas to check out with your pup at this park, along with a dog-friendly beach area. There is an area right across from the Lake Macatawa Campground that allows your furry friend to relax and enjoy the water.

Are dogs allowed at Windmill Island?

Pets are allowed with the exclusion of the windmill and gift shop due to food processing. Pets will need to be leashed and picked-up after. We have Doggie-Pot bag dispensers available to our visitors around the park.

Is the Tulip Festival dog friendly?

This is the only day this year dogs are allowed to gather round and enjoy the Tulip filled Corbett Gardens! To up the excitement, The Village Vets are making a special appearance to talk all things dog and help us judge our competitions.

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