Best answer: Did the Dutch royal family flee to Canada?

Where did the Dutch royal family go during ww2?

The Dutch government in exile (Dutch: Nederlandse regering in ballingschap), also known as the London Cabinet (Dutch: Londens kabinet), was the government in exile of the Netherlands, headed by Queen Wilhelmina, that fled to London after the German invasion of the country during World War II on 10 May 1940.

What did Canada do for the Dutch?

Millions of Dutch had suffered terribly during the harsh “hunger winter” of 1945, and Canadian troops facilitated the arrival of food, fuel and other aid supplies to a population in the midst of starvation.

Why are there so many Dutch in Canada?

A majority of the Dutch immigrants chose to resettle on farms in the southern regions of Ontario and Alberta. During the 1950s, many Dutch agriculturalists were encouraged to immigrate to Canada due to the success of the resettlement scheme.

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