Best answer: What happened to Iggy in New Amsterdam?

Does Iggy get fired from New Amsterdam?

No, there is no reason to believe that Iggy is leaving New Amsterdam anytime soon. Neither NBC nor Taylor himself have confirmed that he is departing from the project.

Why did Iggy get a restraining order?

Iggy files a restraining order against Chance after the incident with his daughter, and Chance doesn’t take it well.

Is Iggy from a narcissist?

He is one of the few openly-gay characters on the show. He once gave his shoes to a homeless person and showed up at work in socks. It has been suggested that he could have Narcissistic Personality Disorder. During the snowstorm in King of Storms, he says “Wisconsin Strong,” suggesting he’s from Wisconsin.

Does Dr Reynolds marry Evie?

As you probably expect, he won’t be handling this all that well in Season 4. … We already did Reynolds falling in love with Evie [Margot Bingham] and being engaged and all of that stuff.” (Fun fact: Season 2 originally ended with Reynolds and Evie getting married in “a big wedding, a big celebration,” Schulner reveals.

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