Can I bring food into the Netherlands?

What do you have to declare at customs in the Netherlands?

You are allowed to bring in duty free: products you purchased on your trip outside of the EU; if the total value is €430 or less. 1 litre of spirits, whisky for example, or 2 litres of wine or 16 litres of beer. 200 cigarettes or 250 gram hand-rolling tobacco or 50 cigars.

Can I bring cheese to the Netherlands?

Generally speaking, nothing may be brought into the country that might pose a threat to the security, health, economy or environment of the Netherlands. Animal products, such as milk, cheese, eggs and meat can carry viruses or bacteria, such as foot-and-mouth disease, which are dangerous to animals and humans.

What food can you take into the EU?

If you are travelling in the EU you can carry meat or dairy products with you as long as they are for your own personal consumption. This also applies to plants or plant products, such as cut flowers, fruit or vegetables as long as they have been grown in an EU country and are free from pests or disease.

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Can I take food from UK to EU?

Taking food and drink into EU countries

You can no longer take products of animal origin, such as any food or drink contain meat or dairy, or plants and plant products into the EU in your luggage, vehicle, or person.

What is not allowed to bring to Netherlands?

Counterfeit articles. Protected animal and plant species. … Plants, flowers, fruit and vegetables (phytosanitary products) Weapons, ammunition and dummy weapons and explosives.

What can I export from the Netherlands?

Searchable List of Most Valuable Dutch Export Products

Rank Dutch Export Product 2020 Value (US$)
1 Phone system devices including smartphones $38,992,801,000
2 Processed petroleum oils $34,763,180,000
3 Computers, optical readers $33,453,336,000
4 Medication mixes in dosage $28,082,626,000

Can you send chocolate to the Netherlands?

Additionally, items such as cakes or chocolates are also tough to send as they are likely to melt in a hot weather or shipping depots in Netherlands that are not always air conditioned.

Can you take food in your suitcase abroad?

You can carry cakes, fruit, vegetables, sandwiches and all solid foods in your hand luggage. … Food items and powders in your hand luggage can obstruct images on x-ray machines and your bags may need to be checked again manually by security. You can put these items in your hold luggage to minimise delays.

What food is banned in the UK?

Foods affected will be those high in fat, sugar, or salt content, with the Times reporting “rules will apply to soft drinks, cakes, chocolate, ice cream, pastries, biscuits, milkshakes, breakfast cereals, pizza, ready meals, crisps, chips, and other breaded and battered meals.” Some foods high in fat or sugar will be …

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