Can you work at Dutch Bros at 15?

Does Dutch Bros drug test?

2 answers. No, they will not drug test, but to maintain a good image at interviews.

How much do Dutch Bros employees make?

How much does Dutch Bros. pay hourly? 564 Dutch Bros.

Dutch Bros. Salaries.

Job Title Salary
Barista salaries – 28 salaries reported $12/hr
Shift Lead salaries – 22 salaries reported $13/hr
Dutch Bros Barista salaries – 20 salaries reported $12/hr
Shift Lead salaries – 16 salaries reported $13/hr

Is it hard to work at Dutch Bros?

I love working at Dutch Brothers Coffee. You become very knowledgeable of the art of making coffee in your time there. They are easy to work with scheduling and taking time off. Not to mention how many amazing people you’ll get to meet working for them.

Can a 14 year old work at Dutch Bros?

How old do you have to be to work at Dutch Bros Coffee? Typically 16 but preferably 18.

How long is the Dutch Bros hiring process?

How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Dutch Bros Coffee? What are the steps along the way? One week. They review your application and call you within a week.

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Can you get a free Dutch Bros on your birthday?

Download the Dutch Bros app to start earning points, snag rewards and receive a free drink on your birthday! If you don’t have the app, let your broista know!

Can you have dyed hair at Dutch Bros?

3 answers. Dutch Bros is very inclusive- tattoos, hair colors, piercings, are all welcomed.

Do you get breaks at Dutch Bros?

No breaks, or lunches, terrible management.

How much does a shift lead at Dutch Bros make?

The typical Dutch Bros. Shift Lead salary is $13 per hour. Shift Lead salaries at Dutch Bros. can range from $9 – $15 per hour.

How much does a barista make at Dutch Bros?

The typical Dutch Bros. Barista salary is $12 per hour. Barista salaries at Dutch Bros. can range from $7 – $18 per hour.