How do you call from the US to the Netherlands?

How do I make an international call to the Netherlands?

To make international calls from the Netherlands, first dial 00 and then the country code. To call the United States or Canada, dial 00 (the international access code) + 1 (the country code) + the area code + the number.

How do I call a +31 number?

To call a mobile phone number in the Netherlands from overseas, dial the international exit call prefix (00/+), the Netherlands country code (31), and then the subscriber number e.g. 00-31-6XXXXXXXX or +31-6XXXXXXXX.

What does a Netherlands phone number look like?

Geographical telephone numbers are sequences of 9 digits (0-9) and consist of an area code of two or three digits and a subscriber number of seven or six digits, respectively.

Telephone numbers in the Netherlands.

NSN length 9
Typical format 0xx xxxxxxx / 0xxx xxxxxx (geographical) 06 xxxxxxxx (mobile)
Access codes
Country calling code +31

Is Holland the same as the Netherlands?

The Netherlands consists of 12 provinces but many people use “Holland” when talking about the Netherlands. The two provinces of Noord- and Zuid-Holland together are Holland. The 12 provinces together are the Netherlands. Holland is often used when all of the Netherlands is meant.

What is the use of * 31?

If you want to hide the caller ID dial *31# and press call button. This code allows you to check which number your phone is currently forwarding calls to when you’re busy or reject a call.

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What country code is 31 6?

Dialing Codes for Netherlands

Country / City Country Dialing Code City/Mobile Dialing Code
Netherlands / KPN Mobile 31 651
Netherlands / KPN Mobile 31 653
Netherlands / KPN Mobile 31 657
Netherlands / Mobile 31 6