How many shots in a Dutch Bros freeze?

How many shots of espresso are in a Dutch Bros?

We found it interesting that Dutch Bros uses a double shot of espresso in both 12 and 16 fluid ounce drinks, but then they double that in a 20 fluid ounce drink, which contains 2 double shots. They say the secret to their great coffee is their 3 Bean Espresso Blend.

How many shots are in a Dutch freeze?


Term Dutch Latte Definition 2% + espresso small (dbl shot): 3.75 med (dbl shot): 4.25 large (quad shot): 5.25
Term Dutch Freeze Definition 30 dbl shots, 20oz sugar, 2 gallons homo milk small (dbl shot): 3.75 med (dbl shot): 4.25 large (quad shot): 5.25

What is a freeze at Dutch Bros?

The Campout Freeze is a blended mocha with toasted ‘mellow (vanilla and chocolate macadamia nut) flavor topped with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. Drink in the good vibes with chocolate milk and toasted ‘mellow flavor topped with Dutch Bros’ signature Soft Top and chocolate drizzle.

How do you make Dutch Bros freeze?

Dutch Bros-Like Blended Frozen Coffee Recipe

  1. 1 tray of small ice cubes.
  2. 1 cup of milk (slightly less than 1 cup)
  3. 1 1/2 tablespoons of Caffe D’Amore Mocha Frappe Freeze Coffee Mix.
  4. 1 tablespoon of Nescafe Tasters Choice Gourmet Roast Coffee.
  5. 1-3 tablespoons of Torani Chocolate Sauce depending on your taste preferences.
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What drink at Dutch Bros has the most caffeine?

The annihilator is well named because it has a huge amount of caffeine. All that espresso is made more palatable with the use of macadamia syrup and mocha drizzle. The half kicker half annihilator is one of the most caffeinated drinks you could possibly order at Dutch Bros.

What is the difference between a Dutch Bros Freeze and frost?

A Dutch Frost is our take on a classic shake. A Dutch Freeze is a blended espresso drink!

What does hand blended mean at Dutch Bros?

Hand Blended Rebel. same as machine blend, and blend for 9 secs or push #2 on blender.

Does Dutch Bros have a secret menu?

With everything from lattes to milkshakes to blended energy drink-based beverages on offer, the secret menu at Dutch Bros is a stunning display of everything there is to love about the place. … Those seeking a drink that’s sweet, nutty, and balanced will love the White Coffee Cookie.

What does Breve mean at Dutch Bros?

Add a comment… Instagram. This tantalizing coffee breve (a cappuccino with half-and-half instead of whole milk) is a blend of white chocolate sauce, chocolate macadamia nut syrup, and cinnamon syrup.

How much is a freeze at Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros. Coffee Menu Prices

Dutch Freeze 16 oz. $3.50
Dutch Freeze 24 oz. $4.50
Dutch Freeze 32 oz. $6.50
Dutch Frost 16 oz. $3.50