How much are specialty restaurants on Holland America?

How much is the signature dining package on Holland America?

Signature Dining Package — includes one evening in the Pinnacle Grill and one in $35.00 per person Canaletto. Booking the package reflects a $4 per person savings. Package is available on every Holland America Line ship.

How much are the specialty restaurants on Celebrity?

Celebrity Cruises’ Specialty Restaurant Packages: A Discount for Expensive Taste. Cost: Dine from $109 per person for three meals, all the way up to $336 per person for 14 meals. Celebrity’s specialty dining packages are based on length of cruise and start from three nights to two weeks.

What is specialty dining on a cruise?

Several cruise lines offer specialty dining packages, which allow you to pay a reduced rate for multiple restaurant reservations on a cruise. … You can also save on specialty restaurants that are open for lunch. Many will only be open for lunch on select days, but it’s almost always at a lower price than dinner.

What drinks are free on Holland America?

This features unlimited nonalcoholic beverages that include any juices, bottled water, non-alcoholic cocktails, nonalcoholic beers and speciality coffees for a price of $17.95 per person, per day.

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What is the signature drink package on Holland America?

The Signature Beverage Package includes standard selections of wine, beer, spirits, sodas, coffees and cocktails up to a value of $8 each. In addition to the Elite and Signature beverage packages, Holland America Line also offers two nonalcoholic beverage options and a Water package.

Does celebrity drink package include gratuity?

Are gratuities included in the Celebrity Cruises Beverage Package cost? No, a 20% service charge will be added to Soda, Wine, Water, Classic, and Premium Package prices at checkout. Package prices may reflect an additional tax for certain ports or itineraries.

How much is a drinks package on celebrity?

The Classic Drinks package is now included as standard with all new Celebrity Cruises bookings. It includes many different drinks, worth up to $9 each. You can upgrade your drinks to a Premium Drinks Package for a cost of $12 per day, or $30 per day with a free shore excursion.

What drinks are included on Celebrity Cruises?

The Classic Beverage Package includes all Carbonated Drinks, Bottled Water, Juices including Apple, Cranberry, Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Premium Coffees and Teas as well as beer, spirits, cocktails and wines by the glass up to $9 per serving. Bottles of wine are not included.

Can you eat anytime on a cruise?

Can you eat whenever you want on a cruise? For the most part, food is available around the clock on most ships. Even in the middle of the night, you can order room service (for a fee) or pick up free late-night nibbles at the buffet or from the 24-hour pizza shops found on many vessels.

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Do cruise ships still have midnight buffets?

Although cruise midnight buffets are nearly extinct, several lines still offer a spread of snacks that are available into the wee hours of the morning. Beyond the buffet options are other tidbits for those feeling peckish after a long night of dancing or watching alfresco movies.

Are dining packages worth it?

With dining packages, it will save you up to 40% off the regular price. Most specialty restaurants have prices that are between $35 to $50 per person, so a dining package can really save you a lot of money.