Is Berlin better than Amsterdam?

Which city is better Amsterdam or Berlin?

This goes for food and restaurants and even groceries. Over the years, costs of rent in Berlin have been on the rise. But it is still cheaper than Amsterdam. … But considering all other factors, Berlin is the better city to live in.

Does Berlin have more canals than Amsterdam?

4- More canals than Amsterdam, more bridges than Venice

With over 180 kilometers of waterways within city limits, Berlin has more canals than any other city in the world, connected by a staggering 1,700 bridges, in comparison to 409 in Venice.

Is Berlin better than London?

London is even rated as the world’s second favourite city, after New York. Berlin is wonderful, and may well have a couple of things that it does better than London, like cheap beer, or a quicker public transport system. But overall it is clear that London is the better all-round city.

Is living in Amsterdam worth it?

Overall, Amsterdam has high standards of living. Both education and healthcare are of high-quality. Housing, although scarce, is often renovated or new and well-maintained. People tend to earn enough to enjoy the commodities offered by this diverse and beautiful city.

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Why is Berlin so cheap?

While the real estate prices fell down sharply, other European cities were living the ‘real estate boom’. After that, the prices remained still and it was from 2006 onwards, when Berlin started growing. The reason was that the rent prices were very cheap and the city started creating new jobs.

Why Berlin is so special?

As well as being Germany’s political and cultural capital, Berlin hosts one of the highest densities of scientific research institutions in Europe. It is Germany’s biggest city for media and tech – and its economy has been growing faster than the country as a whole for more than a decade.

Why is Berlin so famous?

Berlin is one of the most iconic cities in Europe. Established during the 12th century, the capital city of Germany has a long and turbulent history, but is now a world city that blends creativity, technology and culture. … In constant evolution, Berlin is one of the trendiest holiday destinations in Europe.

How many canals are in Berlin?

Its 62 lakes and 127 canals and waterways are its arteries, used over the centuries by kings and coal barges and still major industrial thoroughfares.

Does Berlin have more bridges than Venice?

Berlin even has more bridges than Venice. More than 1,700 bridges adorn the cityscape.